Subscription Boxes

Hi guys and gals – If you in the market for some cool summer ideas why not try out some of these:

Adore Box

Being a woman I enjoy beauty boxes that contain other items besides just beauty products and the one I want to promote today is Adore Box. Adore Box is a 4 times a-year subscription beauty/lifestyle items box that offers over $200+ worth of items for only $39.99 for each box. Adore Box April Quarterly Box included:

MG Collections Doctor Tote/Purse; Hyper Go Wipes 20ct Pack; Hugo Naturals Lavender Room Spray; Yes to Cucumbers Hand Soap; Benefit Air Patrol CC Cream.



Since I live in Central Florida and it is normally always sunny here, I am always on the hunt for some stylish and affordable sunglasses. Well if you are like me and are in need, go on over to Sol Theory box. They offer a monthly subscription box that includes some stylish and affordable sunglasses not only for us girls, but for gals as well. If you are a couple and looking to save some coins, try out the his and hers box – two pair for $19.99. Here is a hint use the code Fourj32 (see if it still works) and save a little on your first box.

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Be Inspired

When you are used to be in the know of everything and suddenly – wait nothing interesting is going on – or you do not feel inspired to write about that new bag and purse you just discovered, maybe you just lost your sense of what inspires you the most for a second. Well when you get to feeling that way, then maybe it is time to stop, sit back on take on a new perspective on things.

Be Inspired

According to an article in Oprah Magazine: A 5-Step Strategy for Inspiring Yourself

These steps should help to get you motivated and inspired again:

1. Look at old things in new ways.

When we stare at the same problem for too long, we can’t see it anymore. Try looking at your surroundings with new eyes: Pick three ordinary objects (don’t overthink it), and for each one, spend three minutes brainstorming new ways to use it or present it.

2. Play roving reporter.

Try adopting another person’s point of view: Find a friend or coworker with an interest that you don’t really get—romance novels, stamp collecting—and interview her to find out what she loves about it. Or think of someone who baffles you and take her out for coffee.

3. Tell a story.

Hearing your story out loud may help you find faulty logic or new possibilities. Describe your situation to someone and ask her to repeat it back to you. Ask questions like “What do you think is the crux of the problem?” and “Where do you see opportunity?”

4. What would they say?

How would you respond to your situation if you were…

A 7-year-old child?

A World War II fighter pilot?

A 1960s hippie?

A great-grandmother?

Your imaginary advisers may have fresh solutions.

5. Act as if.

Finish these sentences:

I can’t ____ .

I don’t ____ .

I won’t ____ .

Now cross out can’t, don’t, and won’t. Read those statements again. How would life be different if they were true? For just a week, can you live as if they are?

Keep Moving Your Passion Forward,






Time Inc.’s 2017 ESSENCE Festival® Presented by Coca-Cola® Attracts More Than 470,000 Attendees for Annual Cultural Celebration in New Orleans



Time Inc.’s 2017 ESSENCE Festival® Presented by Coca-Cola® Attracts More Than 470,000 Attendees for Annual Cultural Celebration in New Orleans:

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