I read a quote from Rev Run this morning on Happiness: Happiness is the end result of feeling grateful and orderly. Stay grateful! (Remember) If you’re not thankful for what you got, chances are you won’t be thankful for what you get! I often ask my children how will they ever be able to take care of bigger things if they can’t handle the smaller things that they have.


We often ask for bigger and better, but what are we doing with the little ? If you want positive things to start happening in your life, start by speaking life into it. If you plant a fruit tree, you expect it to bear fruit, right. Now in order for that to happen you have to add nutrients to the fertilizer and you have to nourish the soil surrounding it. Let positive strong enlightening words be your nutrients. Nourish the words that you choose to speak and allow them to be the fruit for your life.

Theodore Roosevelt stated “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are”. I really liked this because I was always thinking about what I can do if I had, not giving thanks for what I have, which is my health and strength, and although my living situation was not idea at the time, I was and still am thankful for where I am. Can you do what you can with what you have, where you are? Let’s think about it!! Stay Positive!!

Let me hear from you!!!



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