Hey, Are you Hungry?

This is a question that has been asked more often than I can remember. I am willing to bet a mother, father, wife, friend or some type of relative has asked this question at least twenty times because they only want to make sure you are well fed and getting your nutrition. Sometimes children will ask this questions hoping that it will convince a friend or love one to provide them with some type of delicacy.


But what if someone asked you this question and it had nothing to do with food, but it had everything to do with feeding your mind or your desire for information. Let’s say you have a desire to succeed. I personally associate my hunger with my desire to do something great and learn as much as I possibly can. I wake every morning with a big hunger; a hunger to make the next day better than the day before. I wake hungry to accomplish some type of new task that will push my unknown limit to another level.

So I ask you “What Are You Hungry For”. I would love to hear from you…

Be Encouraged!!