I have a huge confession to make…


      I am aspiring to be the first Plus Size Model for Cato Fashions. As much I do not see myself as a model, I enjoy going into the store and trying on the clothing and taking pictures of myself with them on. But Cato Fashions does not have any Plus Size Models on their website, in the store on the posters, or in any of their ads, but they are promoting Plus Size Clothing. How is a girl suppose to know what the item looks like on a her if she cannot at least see it on a Plus Size person. So I am setting out on a quest to become the first to be featured on their website or advertisement.

I shop at #CatoFashions more than I care to admit. I always go to the same store and I can be found there almost every Saturday or Sunday evening. I know… what am I thinking. There are so many other stores I could be shopping at but the same store and almost every weekend. Well yes, that is right. I enjoy the store personnel and I love their clothes. I would say that 90% of my closet came from #CatoFashions. Check me out trying on some of my clothing that I actually bought from there and some items I will be picking up soon… Oh and yes, I go there so much they allow me to always use the larger dressing room. Perks I guess for being a faithful customer.

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Be Fashionably Blessed,