Air Happy

I have always loved flying and have done it for as long as I can remember. Love it so much my mom says that I am Air Happy. Is there such a thing as a person loving to fly so much that they can get actually be Air happy.


In fact, still to this day I fly as much as I can. I believe that any road trip over 2 hours constitutes a plane ride. There is something calming about being at the airport, well once you go through TSA of course – with all the take your shoes off – empty your pockets- all cell phones, keys, laptops or large electronics out and in the bin is over… Whew!!

Anyway, some people believe long drives are idea. They say the breeze in your face and the wind through your hair, is calming for them. Well, I guess I am just the opposite. For me there is nothing better than flying 30,000 feet above the clouds, and getting to my destination in 3 hours or less.

Try spending some time in an airport early in the morning or late at night and experience the enjoyment of planes flying off and coming in. Just breathtaking…

Enjoy your next flight…