Simple Acts of Kindness

While traveling this past weekend, I was sitting in the airport charging my device and experienced this simple act of kindness.

acts-of-kindness     This young gentleman lost his passport, although he was cool, & calm, he was very worried he would not be able to find his passport to get back home. While at Currency Exchange he was having a brief conversation with these two guys he had met on the flight over to the U.S. After finishing up at Currency Exchange he left to go to the device charging station, while there he discovered he had lost his passport.

These two gentlemen were passing by the device charging station and they noticed the young gentlemen there, they stopped and asked him his name and then told him that they think he left his passport at the Currency Exchange and told he that the attendant there was calling for him. They then instructed him to go back to Currency Exchange to retrieve his passport.

Just when we think everyone has a chip on their shoulder and no one is looking out for the next man or woman, Simple Acts of Kindness like these happen and it just makes my heart happy to know that there are still good people in the world.

What type of Act of Kindness can you do for someone today?

     Be Blessed,





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