How High Are You Willing To Fly?

When you open a book you open yourself up to the opportunity to learn and send your mind spiraling to a new level of existence.


     I have a daughter who is taking a leap of faith to study Fashion Design abroad.  I could not be more proud of her. Yes, it is a huge step for such a young adult, but her determination and drive lets me know she is ready to “FLY”. She has been studying the French language on her own, which I know is a difficult task; but she continues to push herself and says she is determined to be fluent in the language by the time she leaves for school. She has always been a reader. Hanging out at Barnes & Noble has always been her favorite hangout. She says it a great place to expand her mind to higher levels and expose it to the possibility of greatness by reading something new. I am very proud of her and things she is accomplishing in her life

I had a very close friend of mind, who has since left, may he rest in peace, he would always say “There is so much we could still learn, that it could make a new world”. I want to encourage anyone who wants to broader their mind and spirit to the possibility of learning something new just open up a book.

Fly High My Loves,







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