What Makes You Shine?

As I sit and write this, I pose the question and wonder what makes a person shine. Is it  family,  personality, leadership skills, or is it the creativity that flow within them.

stars      Individuals shine different ways, for different reasons, and at different times. I have a friend who said to me that they were waiting on their Bright Spot, since I know this individual pretty well I could figure out what that Bright Spot was.

Chris Hogan from Two Ten Magazine talks about the 5 Leadership Skills that Make You Shine: So here is an excerpt of how to shine as a better leader:

1. Get to know your team – Find out what motivates each person who works for you.

2. Help your team see how they fit in the big picture – Discuss with them how they see the future of the company and what they want it to look like.

3. Communicate – I agree when he says this can’t stress this enough!! Share Information. Make them feel like they are “in the know”. If your team is in the dark, they can never share your spark!

4. Develop a crusade mentality – Help your team understand how your product or service makes a difference in people’s lives. (So true).

5. Stay Involved – Pay attention to their mood – Do people seem unfocused – You can’t lead a group that you don’t have a connection with on some level.

Chris has put out some really good points and yes he points out that this is not an overnight event. No one wakes up the next morning beaming, but you might wake up the next morning with a head full of ideas that you may need to write down and act upon when the time is right. Those same ideas may just be your Bright Spot you need to Shine.

Don’t wait on a Bright Spot in order to Shine! Plant a seed of kindness and harvest your Shine…

Be Beautiful,