Making It Last Forever

I have a few favorite magazines that I like to read and Redbook just happens to be one of them. While reading my latest monthly Redbook Magazine I ran across an article on how 39 couples are keeping love and their marriage together.

redbook  Here are a few suggestions given by actual couples:

1. Say the three words and they’re not I Love You – Ask “Can I Help”. – Mike and Colleen Dollar, married 12 years, LaGrange, GA

2. Have Your Own Hobbies – Tess and John Hohman, married 20 years, Minneapolis, MN

3. Find a Way to Split Chores – Good One – Angie and Eric Whitehead, married 19 years, Baltimore, MD

4. Don’t Ask “What’s In it For Me” – Jason and Myndie Krause, married 10 years, Tallahassee, FL

5. Don’t Talk to Them While They Are Pooping – Alex and Rose DeMarco, married 11 years, Woodbury, MN

6. Make Time for Romance Daily – Lynda and Jeremy Benson, married 20 years, Sonoma, CA

           7. Respect Alone Time – Liza and Angelo Geonie, married 10 years, Northport, NY
           8. Make Date Night Sacred – Christie and Evan O’Sullivan, married 11 years, Safety Harbor, Florida
            9. Practice Communicating – Andrew and Megelyn Shumway, married 35 years, Provo, UT
          10. Believe In Your Relationship – Karen and Tim Anderson, married 20 years, New London, CT
     These are some great points made on keeping love and connection in the relationship. Remember you are in this with someone else who has their own set of quirks, but be grateful for their health, for their strength and that they are alive and well and with you at every possible moment that they can be.
Keep Love Alive,