A Woman’s Worth

Years ago I really did not realize the importance of saving. I used to be one who could not save a dime, maybe not a dime, but definitely not a dollar. (Just kidding).



But I did decide that I wanted to become a good contributor to my savings. I came up with an idea where I would trick myself into saving. I would go to bank every week and get $20 worth of quarters or $20 worth of $2.00 bills. That method worked so well for me that after I had saved about $800 on just quarters and $2.00 bills I moved to Florida, and I still today follow my trick with saving.

I have a group of friends that I have been encouraging to save by emailing them every week a 52 week saving plan. I try to motivate and help them realize the importance of saving by adding a little inspiration to these emails.

This week I enclosed These Six Financial Principles:

1. Wealthy women can transform the world

2. Planning today avoids headaches tomorrow.

3. Your money needs meaning.

4. Partners who save together stay together.

5. You don’t ask, you don’t get.

6. A little guidance with saving goes a long way.

     Hopefully this will help inspire someone to contribute to their savings plan, and make their future a brighter one.

Happy Saving,