Giving It Their All

A celebration was held at DePaul Cristo Rey High School in Cincinnati after every senior class member was accepted into college.


There were nearly 60 students who received college acceptances. From the time the students came in as freshmen, the faculty made promises to the students  that all students would graduate from high school and college and that they would do it together.

The school gave the whole senior class a celebration party which included a movie created by staff, a pep rally and cake.

The whole senior class and underclassman are just proud of their classmates. The students worked hard together to achieve this and they know all the underclassman are looking up to them. Someday they will be in those same seats. DePaul Cristo Rey has seen 100 percent college acceptance for three straight years.

The seniors have earned $3.8 million in merit-based scholarship money. School leaders said the acceptance letters and scholarship awards are still coming in.

When speaking on education it is all about the teachers and the students together making this happen. Let’s continue to encourage our youth to work hard and reach for the unexpected.

Learning is Key,