New Ambassador

Hey guys so excited  –  Sol Theory Box has asked me to be their new ambassador for their monthly subscription box.

soltheory5Now this works just like other subscription boxes you signup, you choose from the different box selections that they offer and then sit back and wait on your box of surprises to arrive. Within one of the box offers, you can receive a pair of sunglasses, and a piece of jewelry for $19.99 or two pair of sunglasses for $19.99 or just a single pair for $12.99.


Hey guys, they have not forgotten about you – there are a his and hers box which consist of a single pair of sunglasses for the both of you for $19.99. Or he can get his own single pair box for $12.99.


So if you hop on over to Sol Theory and use my code fourj32 you can get 20% off your first box. For those of us that live in Sunny Central Florida, sunglasses are a must have.

Keep on Shining,






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