Organizing Hacks

Tidy Hacks Book

Sometimes I think I am a little OCD. I just like things neatly put away. I like somethings to be in an order of color (ex. clothing & shoes). It makes it easier for me to find what I want to wear and coordinate.

Well I can across an article By Dan Marshall where he discusses ways to transform your home using Tidy Hacks.  It is a book of small things you can do around the house or office to make your space a little more organized.

Velcro Cords

Velcro Plugs – Can be used to help wind the cords around heaters, or any household item that has a cord that hangs. Lucky for me, my iron, vacuum, and slow cooker all come with a retractable cord.Xmas Wrap

Wrapping Paper  – Find a wardrobe bag, one that is long and place the paper in there and hang the bag in a closet out-of-the-way and off of the floor. This is really good, because I find myself tripping over this paper all year-long.

Beer Bottles

Large paper clips for Beer Bottles – Since I am not a beer drinker I am going to use mine for bottled soda. These pesky bottles never stand upright in the fridge and they are always falling over and out of the refrigerator, and then you know what comes next – Yep you got “Fizz”. Ugh!!

Shoe Boxes

Pens, Pens, Pens – I love pens, all colors, the more unusual the shape the more I like them. Use a shoebox and tissue rolls and make holders for small items. You can use this for a holder of paperclips, pens, staples, your ruler, hi-lighters, etc. One box can hold all your desktop needs. Girls – don’t forget to make the box pretty, wrap it in some of that wrapping paper before you hang it in the closet. Hey, just a thought. You are tripping over it anyway.

Empty Wine Bottles

Wristlet Holders – Use empty wine bottles to hold your favorite bracelets or wristlets. Wine bottles are tall and can really accommodate a lot of bracelets at one time. Why not decorate those bottles that are just sitting around. This way you have a remembrance of your favorite wine and you know exactly where your bracelets are.

Excerpted from Tidy Hacks by Dan Marshall. Copyright © Summersdale Publishers Ltd, 2016. Reprinted by Permission of Harper Design, an imprint of Harper Collins Publishers. All illustrations by Rob Melhuish. Great job Rob…

Live, Love, & Laugh with Ease,