Behind the Mask

A young African-American girl from Louisiana raised by her aunt, why you asked, because when she was two weeks old her parents gave her to an aunt to raise. Now do you think she will grow up feeling a resentment towards her parents or will she strive, find her purpose and feel grateful that there was someone there that actually took the time out of their life to raise and love her.

Let’s see….


She came from a family of 7, but she was raised alone. She was always smiling and always happy to see the neighbor kids, and her family. She would spend quiet moments alone in an open field picking pecans because it gave her a sense of peace and it was a great way to make some money. She would gather her burlap sack filled with pecans and wait patiently for the pecan truck to come by and weigh her bag.

She was a free spirit. She loved the outdoors and all that came with it. The neighbors, the horses, the sugarcane fields, blackberries picking and wild life. The Mississippi River was practically at her front door. But with all this free spirit living, what was missing?

Her and her aunt traveled to almost every state in the United States. Her aunt was retired and had all the time in the world to devote to her and their traveling. She loved her aunt very much and she knew her aunt loved her but with all the love felt between them something was still missing.

Let me introduce you to Katrina. She was precious, and youthful. She had big dreams, she always wanted to do great things not just for herself but for others around her. She took pride in helping her friends with homework, and teaching them skills such as sewing and riding their first bike.

She had a house with no walls, just an empty slate, that her and her friends would play in everyday. This empty house sat right next to the home that she was brought up in. It was given to her by her aunt as a gift on the 10th year of her birthday, so she could create, and entertain her friends. This empty house was great because it gave her a place to go and get away from the everyday grind of school. It was a nice place for her and friends to go just to unwind, lay back and become close friends.

But with all of this happiness, free spirit living, travel and friends, why was Katrina still unhappy?

Stay tuned for the next Chapter of her life.