What is Your Value?

I ran across a blogger by the name of Matte James. Very nice young lady who has 42.1k followers on IG, and some really great YouTube content. She wrote a blog about posting content consistently. This is something I wonder about often because I love blogging, although my last blog was in December of 2017, I know, I know please don’t kill me, but with working full-time, going to school and trying to maintain everyday life it just gets really, really hard.


Matte made a statement that cause me to wonder “Valuable content is content that people can use to solve a problem/issue”. With this statement I started thinking what type of valuable content can I offer that can my audience solve a problem, answer a question, or help resolve an issue. What does it mean to have value: – Is your value something that is held to deserve, does your value have usefulness of something. Is your valueย subject to one’s judgement of what is important in life, or your standards of behavior. Does your value have monetary worth?

When one speaks of value there is a lot to be considered. I know for me I want my value of information to stand for something. I want my value to have a useful meaning and I definitely want it to be held with respect and desire. I never ever want my value to leave anyone with a bad feeling.

Have any of you ever posed this question to yourself? Do you know your value and how consistent is it? Well I do not know what exactly my niche value is as of yet, but I plan on working even harder to find out and see if it can be of any good use to my audience. Let me know what you think about the use of value.

Hold Your Value in the Highest Regards,




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  1. Cassandra, great entry. I value your message. I have also put the same into perspective, and find myself in a big ocean on thoughts… trying to find my niche… not everyone will be happy.. right? Will I be socially and politically correct? Anyway… the list goes on. Keep writing. I need entertainment in my zombie nights ๐Ÿ™‚



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