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Hi, I’m Cassandra and I would like to welcome you.

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I am an East Coast Lady with Southern manners 🌇 that studied photojournalism, calligraphy and graphic design in college, but ended up working in Accounting for 20+ years. How did that happen? I have no idea (Ugh)!!!

I am a semi-girlie girl – I love cute stylish clothes 👗, makeup and 👠. I also love sports and I am a huge gadget geek. So you get the semi?

My true passion has been and probably always will be is to write. I enjoy writing about things in life that I find interesting, informative or helpful. I write about quirky things that has happened to me or things I have discovered or seen; My goal with this blog is to express these ideas, thoughts and things through words and 📸 to you.

I hope that everyone that visits my blog gets some type of informative or  joyous experience from it.  💕🎊

Let’s Be Creative ,