Hi, I’m Cassandra and Welcome to my Four J World…

I am an East Coast Girlie with Southern manners 🌇 that studied photojournalism, calligraphy and graphic design in college, but ended up working in Accounting for 20+ years. How did that happen? I have no idea (Ugh)!!!

My true passion has been and probably always will be is to write about the things or thoughts in life that I find interesting or helpful. I am a semi-girlie girl – I love clothing đź‘—, shoes đź‘ , but I also love sports and gadgets. You get the semi? Here you will discover no particular platform. I write about quirky things that has happened or things I have discovered or seen on my 🛫 or in my everyday life; I enjoy expressing these ideas and my thoughts through words and pictures. 📸

I hope that everyone that visits my page gets some type of informative or  joyous experience from it.  💕🎊

Let’s Be Creative ,