Behind the Mask

A young African-American girl from Louisiana raised by her aunt, why you asked, because when she was two weeks old her parents gave her to an aunt to raise. Now do you think she will grow up feeling a resentment towards her parents or will she strive, find her purpose and feel grateful that there was… Continue reading Behind the Mask


Celebrating You

In January of 2010, I lost someone very near and dear to my heart - When days like Valentine's Day come around I often wonder why am I single and not able to enjoy this day with that one person who captured my heart and showed me the true meaning of being in love. But… Continue reading Celebrating You

Making It Last Forever

I have a few favorite magazines that I like to read and Redbook just happens to be one of them. While reading my latest monthly Redbook Magazine I ran across an article on how 39 couples are keeping love and their marriage together.   Here are a few suggestions given by actual couples: 1. Say the three words and they're… Continue reading Making It Last Forever