6 Things Your Bedroom Needs for a Good Night’s Sleep

I found this on Oprah.com. I am always looking for ways to make my bedroom feel like a luxury oasis. I buy lots of pillows. I have matching pillow shams, I bench at the bottom of my bed and yes a oh so soft, fluffy comforter that I can soak into every night. But sometimes that… Continue reading 6 Things Your Bedroom Needs for a Good Night’s Sleep


Summer Getaways

Summer is upon us and June 21st marks the first day of the season for the year 2017. Since we are in the season and if you are like me, you are desperately looking for somewhere nice but affordable to go for the summer, check out some of the deals I have found on Groupon Getaways. Two… Continue reading Summer Getaways

Simple Acts of Kindness

While traveling this past weekend, I was sitting in the airport charging my device and experienced this simple act of kindness.      This young gentleman lost his passport, although he was cool, & calm, he was very worried he would not be able to find his passport to get back home. While at Currency Exchange he was having a brief… Continue reading Simple Acts of Kindness